Current Pilots

Gopa Infra and Gopa Intec, who both belong to the Gopa Consultant Group started in 2021 to implement Pilot Approaches for Remote Management Monitoring and Verification (RMMV) within ongoing programs funded by KfW Development Bank.

As a strong and experienced partner for setting up these pilots SiCon International Development was selected, which has gained a rich and longstanding experience in setting up RMMV systems in Afghanistan since 2015.

SiCon handles RMMV solutions as a standard tool for their projects. The company developed an own IT platform customizable for individual project requirements. An internal IT and GIS department assures the fast provision of individual RMMV solutions based on a Microsoft 365 platform.

The below figure provides a general overview of the basic components of the platform and solutions for collaboration.

Principal Setup SiCon RMMV System

Setup RMMV System SiCon

Microsoft SharePoint is the central data recording and data processing part within the system.

SharePoint can be configurated in the way that it functions as the complete project recording and document handling platform with individual access rights for documents. Instead of the storage of project documents on individual computers, the system provides the possibility to save all project-related information in one central data system accessible for everyone (with respective access rights) at any time.

Kobo Toolbox

For project staff or contractors working in the field the usage of apps is recommended to ease the data entry on the one hand and to record information in the field (instead of doing so afterward back in the office).
SiCon currently uses a free available 3rd party app (KoBo Toolbox). KoBo Toolbox provides the possibility to develop questionnaires to record and recheck progress data, report challenges, and document the project progress by photos (incl. GPS/time stamp).
As KoBo Toolbox is a 3rd party provider (open source, free of charge) all data are stored on an external server.

SiCon coded a solution to query all data to the internal SharePoint cloud platform on a permanent level. Therefore, all data recorded with the external app are automatically stored in the internal SharePoint platform.

Presentation Pages

Intranet sites include quick links to sub-sites presenting additional information. Especially the presentation of Microsoft Power BI dashboards is improving the visual analysis of data within the sites.
Other features:
• Geographical project information via an online map (in addition GIS integration possible)
• Pictures including 360-degree images (360 degrees views)
• Graphic Charts for data presentation
• Project-specific progress visualization (Gant Charts for projects progress)
• Document folders with specific access rights
• News dashboard (to inform all users of upcoming events/meetings/decisions/critical project issues)
• 3d objects for project designs (AutoCAD 3d drawings e.g.)

Pilot Egypt


Pilot Vietnam